24 вересня 2021


During 2020-2021 the pupils of the 41 group of Slavutich Liceum were doing the project "Cyberbullying" at the eTwinning platform. It was really a hard work because of Covid-19. They were at the Quarantine almost the whole time. But the result is amazing - we have got National Quality Label!!! Congratulations!!! And thanks a lot to our foreign partners. It was a great project. 

21 червня 2021


Our final meeting


On June 10, 2021 at 8 p.m. the students of Slavutych Lyceum who work in Cyberbullying Project took part in the last online meeting in Zoom. 

They spoke about their feelings and emotions, what they have known about cyberbullying and technology diseases, what activities they liked most of all and what Web 2.0 tools they used working in a project. 

During the meeting they wrote their feedback to the project. 

Thank you all of them for the paricipation!

09 червня 2021



The pupils of Slavutich lyceum who work with the project "Cyberbullying" have desighed t-shirt paintings (back of them). The aim of the work is collaboration with the pupils of other countries (some of them have created the front paintings), encourage children all over the world not to become the victim of cyberbullying and improving IT skills. We have used Canva program for t-shirt paintings. Great work!